Interview with Ann Cory

MC: For those who haven’t been to your wonderful bio page to read all about you, tell us a little about yourself.  Who is Ann Cory?

AC: Ann is the fun and saucy side of me who enjoys writing hot and sexy scenes for her oh-so deserving characters. Ann cringes at writing about herself so she kindly smiles and points you to her bio page:

MC:  Were you “born a romance writer” or did you “become a romance writer?”

AC: I started out writing horror and poetry. I still write horror and poetry, but prefer the sexier stuff and happier endings.

MC:  You also mention some exotic locations.  Have you visited any neat places that became or will become the backdrop for your stories?

AC: Niagara Falls in Canada, Holland, Germany, Hawaii, and England will all make or have made an appearance in my books.

MC:  Are there any themes that you like to include in your stories?

AC: You mean besides sex? Lol. Hmm, let’s see…flawed characters, inner growth, some suspense, and I like to hint at an upcoming title. Sometimes you’ll find out what I’m going to write next in the book you read.

MC:  Your backlist is impressive.  How many books are on it?

AC: About 30 or so. I don’t sleep much.

MC: Is there a book you’ve written that stands out as a favorite?

AC: Breaking in Levi was a blast to write. Levi stole my heart.

MC: How about particularly hard to write?

AC: Melting Iron was hard to write because I researched a lot into the Johnstown Flood and found letters written by people who had lost their loved ones. I’m overly sensitive and emotional as it is, so I cried. Besides that, some of my characters think they know it all, hog the spotlight, or act like divas – and I have to spend time knocking them down a couple levels. Trust me – it’s not as easy as it sounds. I don’t have time for divas.

MC:  You’ve had a few books published with Cobblestone Press recently. Can you tell us about those?

AC: Breaking in Levi is my bad boy novella with a little fun, suspense, banter, and some steamy sex scenes.

Butterfly Kisses is a Tryst about a swimmer who goes through a life-changing event and contemplates breaking up with her longtime supportive fiancé. It will make you laugh, cry, and oh yes, there is some light bondage to shake things up.

MC:  What’s coming up from you next?

AC: I’m excited about my fantasy/shifter novel Under a Warlock’s Spell coming Aug. 29th from Samhain Publishing as well as my explicit paranormal short story Spoiled Candy coming soon from Venus Press.

MC:  Time for some fun questions.  Do you have a favorite game?

AC:  Right now I’m totally hooked on the PS2 CARS racing game from the movie, especially when I play Mater the tow truck – but my all-time favorite game is Candyland

MC: Do you have any pets?

AC: 2 Maine Coon cats – Sampson and Apollo. They might as well be Abbot and Costello, though. Crazy cats.

MC:  Is the glass half empty or half full?

AC: It’s always half full – of red wine

MC:  Do you have a favorite number?

AC: I actually don’t. My favorite color is blue, though

MC:  Give us five words that describe you.

AC: Normally I’d say generous, thoughtful, fun, imaginative, and mischievous BUT the real answer is: in need of some sleep

MC: What advice do you have for newly published authors?

AC: Make sure you stay true to yourself and your voice. Don’t strive to be like another author, strive to improve on your craft.

MC:  And what advice would you give to authors still waiting for the call?   Was there a piece of advice that you were given that really helped you?

AC: Rejections are tools to help polish your work, and never give up on your dreams

MC: How can readers get in touch with you?

AC: My website: My blog: Moonglade Elite Authors blog and my group

Thanks Ann!

Thank you Madison, I had fun!

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