Lots of Good Reads over at Goodreads

goodreads_logoAre you a member of goodreads? Like most social media, it’s another place to hang out and (if you’re like me) procrastinate. But I think Goodreads offers a nice sort of procrastination. Books.

Thousands of books. Books, books, and more books. Authors. Readers. All in one place talking about their common passion. It’s hard not to love a site like that. Even if it does suck me in faster than a bookstore with a 50% off sign in the window.

Are you on Goodreads yet? I still feel like I’m learning my way around. Look me up: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1505346.Madison_Chase

I’d love to talk books with you!

What do you do when…

Hi darlings,

What do you do when a book blurb draws you in but then you read a so-so review that makes you rethink your purchasing decision? I was tooling around Naughty Edition Reviews earlier today (a new-to-me site) and came across a book that sounds pretty fun. A dance show? Sign me up. I love to dance! (Am not claiming to be good at it.) Unfortunately, the review was a little lack luster. All points that I’ve read about (reviewers rolling their eyes) before. And heck, I’ve even rolled my own eyes at a book or two.

So what to do…

Take a chance and risk disappointment?

Check out more reviews?

Bite the bullet and hope for the best?

Well, I know what I hope readers would do for me. Take a chance. Bite the bullet. Buy the book and write a review of my own. So Dance Like Nobody’s Watching is on my list.

Ready for e?

This post from Raelene over on Redlines and Deadlines really cracked me up. I know several epublished authors who fit into the “I write ebooks but I don’t have an ebook reader” camp. It’s probably more common than I’d imagine.

And after years of complaints about the lack of a descent e-book reader we now find ourselves with several options.

The Kindle. The Sony. Iphone. And a slew of other “smart phones.”

And with Barnes and Noble buying Fictionwise, I’d say this is definitely an exciting time for E.

I blogged today at Cobblestone Press: Your Expectations

Excerpted from my post at Cobblestone Press: Your Expectations

Romance is incredible isn’t it?

Both the genre, and romance in general. Being in love. Being romanced. Both are incredible in my opinion.

I’m always impressed by the depth and range of stories you can find within our genre and all the subgenres. There’s always something for me to read, no matter my mood. I appreciate that. I can find smart suspense, thrillers, romance that tickles my funny bone, feel good romance, hot steamy romance. Whatever I want. It’s there.

You know all this.

I’m also amazed with the wonderful, diverse population of folks who write romance. Lawyers, doctors, former military personnel, business professionals, teachers, professors, moms, and even dads.

Second Guessing Yourself

But every so often I come across a person who somehow makes me feel bad about my choice in reading and writing.

Finish reading at: http://www.cobblestone-mainstreet.com/blog/?p=517